The retired commissioner Jose Manuel Villarejo has refused to reach an agreement in accordance with the Prosecutor’s Office in the trial that begins this Wednesday at the National Court of the pieces separated from the macrocause ‘Tandem’ known as ‘Painter’, ‘Iron’ and ‘Land’, for which the Prosecutor’s Office asks that he be sentenced to more than one hundred years in prison. In statements to the media before accessing the judicial headquarters located in San Fernando de Henares, Villarejo has shown his confidence in the independence of judges and prosecutors “despite the pressures” that, according to him “it is known”, they have received.

“I hope it is not say a folkloric Justice, it would be like a lynching like in the west“said Villarejo, who has regretted that being an” annoying subject “in Spain has led to people trying to annihilate him. The retired commissioner, who has ruled out that he used police means to carry out the various assignments he received from through CENYT, its business group. “Absolutely. That is already reason for the trial “, has answered journalists, according to Europa Press.

“We are innocent”

Thus, when asked about a hypothetical agreement, Villarejo has been blunt: “Never. Why? We are innocent,” he snapped, denouncing that it has never been “treated as an alleged criminal, but as an enemy to be annihilated.” “I understood that it was my obligation to make continuous denunciations of all the illegalities that are taking place and, as I was an annoying subject in this country, when someone bothers him, he is annihilated and institutions as serious as Justice are used to annihilate not only me, but to my family, “he insisted.

However, Villarejo has issued a final warning before the start of the trial that will presumably last until the beginning of 2022: “Fear rots inside and poisons hearts. I have never been afraid of any individual, no matter how important they are. was this important lord, the great lord protector of the Crown. “

More than 30 defendants

In this trial, the commissioner appears as the main defendant, although he will bring together more than 30 defendants, including his partner, Rafael Redondo, and his wife, Gema Alcalá, as well as commissioner Enrique García Castaño, who face penalties of 102, 86 and 87 years in prison, respectively. However, some defendants have reached agreements in accordance with the Prosecutor’s Office.

This first trial of ‘Tandem’ arrives almost four years after Commissioner Villarejo was arrested for a cause that has been gaining weight until set up a puzzle of more than thirty separate pieces referring to the numerous and various commissions he received through CENYT, his business group, based in the Torre Picasso in Madrid.

According to the investigations conducted by the Central Court of Instruction Number 6, the common denominator of the separate pieces, Regardless of who hired him -from large Ibex 35 companies to individuals- and for what reason, Villarejo would have assumed these jobs as an active commissioner and would have used the police resources at his disposal to meet his clients.

The Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office claims for Villarejo a prison sentence of 109 years in jail, fines that would exceed 950,000 euros -to which should be added the compensation for which he would jointly and severally respond together with the other people who were convicted-, as well as disqualifications from holding public office and employment and for passive suffrage.