The real estate sector begins to position yourself to act as a rehabilitation agent of buildings. This will allow them to have access to European funds managed by the central government. The appraiser Tinsa has announced that it will join this market to offer this service to neighborhood communities, administrations and individuals interested in repair their properties to promote their energy saving. A new stage for which it has partnered with Acerta, the firm specialized in real estate consulting. Something that will make it easier for both of you to benefit from the advantages of the Transformation, Recovery and Resilience Plan.

The alliance between the two will be executed through a vehicle that will act as an integral manager for promote, advise, manage and monitor building rehabilitation works residential. On the part of Tinsa, its Tinsa Certify division will be in charge, which is specialized in energy and building consulting services

The initiative has a national scope of action. The central objective will be the rehabilitation of residential buildings, both neighborhood communities and private properties (whether they are Socimis, investors or equity companies). The elaboration of the book of the existing building will also be offered, in which the actions that can lead to considerable energy savings and a high environmental impact will be analyzed.

The vehicle launched by Tinsa and Acerta is already carrying out its first pilot projects. The idea is that it acts as a single interlocutor before the market and before the Administration when planning the project and the corresponding management of the rehabilitation process. It would also be in charge of channeling the aid from European funds and the additional financing that will be necessary.