The income of La Moraleja multiplies by 16 that of the poorest neighborhood in Spain

La Moraleja (Alcobendas, Madrid) remained in 2019 as the highest income neighborhood in Spain, while Carrús-Plaza de Barcelona (Elche) repeated as the lowest income, according to the data updated this Thursday by the Tax Agency. The Tax Agency has published the IRPF statistics by postal codes for 2019, which collects the declarations of the neighborhoods of the large Spanish municipalities -Those with more than 200,000 inhabitants, more than 100,000 returns filed or an aggregate gross income of more than 2,200 million euros-.

In 2019, La Moraleja taxpayers declared a average gross income of 254,400 euros, 18.7% more than the previous year, which consolidates them as the zip code with the highest income. Behind them are the inhabitants of Madrid Salamanca-Goya neighborhood, which with an average income of 130,622 euros, 36.8% more, climbed one position compared to last year.

The third place in this edition is for the Centro neighborhood-Paseo de Isabel la Católica-Plaza de España, in Valladolid, which doubles its average income to 106,539 euros, a rebound that could be related to some extraordinary operation, since the statistics of this postal code are prepared with less than 3,000 declarations.

The Barcelona Vallvidrera-Tibidabo and Les Planes He drops two places, to fourth, despite having increased his income by almost 4%, to 101,735 euros. Aravaca (Madrid) fell one position, with 100,415 euros, and another Somosaguas-Humera (Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid), with 98,488 euros, while Muntaner (Barcelona) climbed one notch, to seventh place, with 98,215 euros. The Valencian Pla de Remei (93,130 euros) is placed in eighth position, followed by Madrid’s Nueva España (93,099 euros) and Castellana (89,852 euros).


  1. La Moraleja (Alcobendas) – € 245,400
  2. Salamanca- Goya (Madrid) – € 130,622
  3. Center-Paseo Isabel La Católica-Plaza España (Valladolid) – € 106,539
  4. Vallvidrera-Tibidabo i Les Planes (Barcelona) – € 101,735
  5. Aravaca (Madrid) – € 100,415
  6. Somosaguas-Humera (Pozuelo de Alarcón) – € 98,488
  7. Muntaner (Barcelona) – € 98,215
  8. Pla de Remei (Valencia) – € 93,130
  9. New Spain (Madrid) – € 93,099
  10. Castellana (Madrid) – € 89,852

Far from these income levels, the Carrús-Plaza de Barcelona neighborhood, in Elche, with 15,542 euros, 1.4% less. In the 2019 financial year, Alquián was placed in second position, in Almería, after reducing its income by 14.8%, to 16,631 euros, while the third place went to Nou Alacant (Alicante), with 17,600 euros, after dropping a 22.2% yours. The fourth place went to Altamira-El Toscar (Elche), which with 17,658 euros repeated its position, and the fifth, for Garrapilos (Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz), which dropped three places with 17,743 euros.

Behind them are the neighborhoods of Ciudad Jardín (Alicante), with an average gross income of 17,981 euros; Gea and Truyols (Murcia) with 18,367 euros; San Matías-Los Andenes-Las Chumberas (Santa Cruz de Tenerife), with 18,393 euros; Los Ramos (Murcia), with 18,418 euros, and Alquerías (Murcia), with 18,577 euros. Below is a table with the ten postal codes of the large municipalities with the lowest average gross income declared in 2019, expressed in euros.


  1. Carrús-Pza. Barcelona (Elche) – € 15,542
  2. Rent (Almería) – € 16,631
  3. Nou Alacant (Alicante) – € 17,600
  4. Altamira-El Toscar (Elche) – € 17,658
  5. Garrapilos (Jerez de la Frontera) – € 17,743
  6. Garden City (Alicante) – € 17,981
  7. Gea and Truyols (Murcia) – € 18,367
  8. San Matías-Los Andenes-Las Chumberas (Santa Cruz) – € 18,393
  9. Los Ramos (Murcia) – € 18,418
  10. Farmhouses (Murcia) – € 18,577