The Territories that may be affected by rental regulation measures that the Government plans begin to know each other. The first clue is included in the draft General State Budgets for 2022, which defines for the first time the stressed areas to access a lease. The affected cities are in five provinces (Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Seville and Malaga) and in the Balearic and Canary archipelagos, which are already considered as “particularly stressed areas”. This means that they have an insufficient supply of affordable housing to meet the existing demand. Therefore, the focus is on seven areas for the future intervention of the market that will be included in the Housing Law.

What will be ‘hot spots’ appear in the Red Book of the new public accounts, that were unveiled by the Ministry of Finance this Wednesday. In the breakdown of what corresponds to the Ministry of Transport, which is the one that has the housing powers, is where the preliminary analysis of the stressed areas has been recorded. Specifically, those indicated are Madrid and its metropolitan area, made up of 28 other municipalities; Barcelona and the same localities in its environment, which expand to 36; the same also happens in Valencia, by affecting both the capital of the Region and the 44 remote villages within a maximum of 20 kilometers. In addition, there are the Andalusians Seville and Malaga, together with the Balearic and Canary Islands in full.

This analysis occurs within the framework of the renamed Affordable Rental Housing Plan, formerly known as the 20,000 housing plan. A commitment to “increasing the stock of rental housing at affordable or social prices” when there are situations of limited income. This has implied that study of the stressed areas, for which data such as the evolution of purchase and sale operations, the purchase and rental prices or the economic situation of households. “An identification has been made of the territorial areas in which there is a greater mismatch between the evolution of housing prices and the possibilities of accessing one, taking into account the local characteristics of the rental market,” states the PGE document .

First injections for the rental offer

Among the novelties of the PGE that are linked to this Future Plan, two stand out subsidies for housing development for affordable or social rent. Both will involve a public expenditure of 26.64 million euros. One of them is for him Barcelona’s town hall, which must promote these policies with the 11.74 million euros that will be transferred. The other is distributed among different local entities, and reaches 13.89 million. Those that will receive the money will be the Metropolitan Area of ​​Barcelona (5.39 million), the City Councils of Seville (4 million) and Ibiza (1 million) and the Insular Councils of Mallorca and Menorca, with 3 million and 500,000 euros respectively.

Both for what is budgeted now and for the future, for the construction of the new promotions with which to increase the rental offer, the land that is under the power of the Public Land Business Entity (SEPES). The process will continue to be nominative subsidies for autonomies and town councils that they request it to launch promotions in those lands of public ownership. The financing that the beneficiary administrations will receive will contemplate the cost of the land, urbanization, the possibility of public-private collaboration and the complementary resources required to carry out the feasibility study of the project.

This policy for leasing at lower prices will be included in the state strategy for Access to Housing 2022-2025, which is being prepared by the department led by the minister Rachel Sanchez. Said plan will be approved shortly by the Council of Ministers after having passed the public information process. This will be where a maximum rental limit of 600 euros to be able to access different aids. These will go to different groups that will transcend young people, such as victims of gender violence. It will also be the one that brings together all the measures in this matter, whether for purchase or rent at more affordable prices.

The a little more than 26 million initials are just the advance of a plan for which there is not yet a specific budget. The drafting of the Royal Decree that Transportes is drawing up and the negotiations between different ministries will determine the final cost of this promotion of rental. The Government already anticipates that His intention is that the execution of what he contributes for this purpose is 100% complete. “In the event of an increase in the endowment, there would be the capacity to execute it,” he adds in the Budget document.