The Socialist Party primaries in Madrid are just around the corner and the candidates spend their last bullets to achieve most of the support of the militancy. Both Juan Lobato, the former mayor of Soto del Real and Ferraz’s favorite, and Javier Ayala, current mayor of Fuenlabrada, are immersed in a race to ‘scratch’ until the last vote to take over the general secretariat and distance himself from his opponent. At the moment, the candidacies are very close in the absence of the militancy to pronounce itself, something that will occur with the celebration of the votes on the weekend of October 23. But, for now, the PSOE-M is preparing to ‘boost’ the campaigns of both candidates through an internal email that encourages both direct affiliates as the militants donate money to their favorite candidate.

This is stated by the organizing committee of the 14th Regional Congress of the PSOE-M, which will take place on November 13 and 14 to ratify the chosen candidate. In said internal circular, the organization highlights that there are several procedures to the use of the militants to make their entry. In addition, it emphasizes, in order to clear future doubts, that the contributions will be considered a donation and that, therefore, they will have the tax deductions established with the income tax return for the year. After this nuance, presented to calm internal spirits, the regional committee intends to encourage the financing of the campaigns and involve the autonomous socialist teams in the primaries. It does, as they say colloquially, ‘making it easy’.

The internal information also establishes the steps to follow so that there are no errors in the process. It is convenient that the activists or associates identify themselves as appropriate, otherwise they will not be able to receive the income. From here, the committee gives two options to promote the favorite’s campaign: the deposit through the web or the deposit into a bank account. In the first option, the link of the tab that leads directly to both applications is attached. The party has already enabled an exclusive tab to make such a donation on the regional website, where you can include the appropriate amount after filling in a form.

In the other option, the affiliates or activists must make the income by transfer and in the concept detail their name, surname and NIF. Both Lobato’s and Ayala’s teams already have an open checking account to receive the contributions you wantTherefore, the internal circular includes both numerical codes. Thus, in the last weeks of the campaign to decide who will face Isabel Díaz Ayuso, the campaigns ‘fatten’ their funding to attract the favor of the undecided. The candidate who is elected has the mission of rebuilding a party destroyed after the 4-M blow with Ángel Gabilondo and strengthening the socialist ranks in Madrid before the 2023 elections. A designation that Ferraz closely follows.

The Tax Agency includes a specific regime for membership fees and contributions to political parties, federations, coalitions or electoral groups within the income tax return. Said donations, as pointed out by being included in the heading of deductions for donations, gives the right to “a deduction of 20% on said fees”, with a maximum limit of 600 euros per year. As a restriction, it is determined that the joint base of the deduction for donation may not exceed, in general, “10% of the taxable base for the year”.

However, later, the document specifies that the base of the deduction for donations destined to carry out priority activities and patronage programs may reach 15% of the taxable base. In this way, it is a route taken by the public body in the completion of personal income tax, but the way of communicating it is striking. Quoting verbatim the PSOE-M email, when considering the contributions as donations, “they will have the deductions established in the income tax return for the year.” They will not suffer an ‘ax’ for supporting the primaries since they are protected by tax.